Hydro SPC 087, vinyl click, £22.99m2 + VAT, Pack price-


Spc  1220 x 182 x 5mm pack size 2.22m2

100% waterproof

Being a rigid core flooring, is ultra stable, waterproof and incredibly durable, it really is manufactured to the highest standards, to be the best performing vinyl flooring available.

Each layer has a special role…
1. UV Coating this layer protects the wear layer from premature wear and scratches, this layer can be recoated over periods of wear.
2. The Wear Layer is the element that gives the floor ultra durability, a clear, toughened layer.
3. The Print Film is the decor layer, it is designed to offer the authentic appearance of wood and stone.
4. The Rigid Core is a blend of stone and PVC to create an ultra stable floor that performs to the highest standard.
5. Built in Sound Reducing Foam Underlay enables quick and easy installation and reduces sound transmission by upto 17db. It is bright green the mark of a quality floor.

Click Together Installation

flooring is a floating floor system and goes together using the drop down locking system. This makes it extremely easy to install and gives the floor a super strong hold.


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